JBL Free X Review

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 The [amazon link=”B07HS1V2QK” title=”JBL Free X” link_icon=”none” /] is the first wireless earphones from the brand. Improving on every flaw that Apple’s Airpods include, the Free X is one of the most immersive and engaging wireless earphones ever created. With a highly reasonable price, there is no shortage of amazing features and consistent performance that makes this pair a blast to use.


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 JBL wanted to create the right wireless headphones that can directly compete against the Apple Airpods Pro. To combat it, they devised headphones that improve upon the underwhelming areas of the Airpods. This includes the comfort, overall sound quality, charging time and price. It is, without a doubt, one of the best wireless earphones ever.

 The most prominent feature is the design. It may look bulky at first because of how “fat” it looks compared to the Airpods and even the Samsung Galaxy Buds. But once you wear it, you will feel how heavenly it fits in your ears. The best part is the texture: silicone material that is 100% splashproof thanks to its IPX5 design. That also means you can wear it for a very long time without worrying about it popping out of your ears.

 Another great feature is the smart charging case. Now, while this is a default for every wireless earphones, JBL’s charging case is convenient and appealing. Sure, it may be slightly larger than the Airpods’ case but the interior of the Free X case looks like a mini space shuttle to dock the earphones. It can provide up to 20 hours of charging capacity and has a quick charge feature for the earphones: 15 minutes of charging is equal to 1 hour of audio playback.

 The controls, however, do feel slightly older than the Galaxy Buds or the Airpods. While others are touch/pressure sensors, the Free X still uses button types: one ear for pausing and playing, the other for skipping a track or answering a call. Another flaw in this design is the same that goes with the Airpods: no manual volume control. If you need to adjust the loudness, you will need to do so on your device. This is surely not a dealbreaker, although it would be better if JBL manages to update it with controls that can level against its rivals.

 Finally, we have noise cancelling. It’s definitely great, but nothing surprising. Sure, it is impressive knowing that this small pair of earphones can cancel out a lot of background noises but it does still tend to leak in unnecessary ambient noises.


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 By design, JBL may not be appealing at first glance, but maybe that is just us since we are more used to slimmer builds with long stems. The Free X is quite bulky to look at and a bit of an irregular shape, but it still checks out as an appealing pair of earphones. The dark color is always good but when it activates and lights up, it shows blue neon rings that surround the brand logo, which makes it especially good in dark areas or at night.


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 The ergonomics and accessibility is what the Free X is all about. In fact, it is the best aspect of this JBL earphones. The whole inner area of the Free X is layered with high-grade silicone – letting you do high-intensity activities such as working out or doing manual labor without ever popping out of your ears. This is also due to the splashproof surface – allowing it to grip in your ears for long periods of time without even hurting the ear canals. In our opinion, it’s the most comfortable wireless earphones.

Sound Quality

 It’s JBL. Of course you should expect amazing sound details. The bass is expressive, the treble is beyond anything and the sound frequencies are wide. Tone is very colorful and detailed, which makes listening to any music of your preferred genre always good to immerse yourself into.

Noise Cancelling

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While it is present in Free X, it certainly isn’t the best. Sure, it does its job at minimizing background noises but some can still leak in, especially at crowded areas. The only time it does its magic is if you play music at a significantly high volume. We do appreciate its presence here but the Airpods still does this one better.

Battery Life

 Decently, it can run up to 4 hours with noise cancelling. The best part about the earbuds is in the charging case. The whole thing can charge up to 20 hours and even has quick charging capabilities: 15 minutes of charging gives you 1 hour of audio playback.


[amazon box=”B07HS1V2QK”]

 You should buy the JBL Free X if you find the Apple Airpods or even the Samsung Galaxy Buds overpriced. For almost half its competitors’ prices, you unlock amazing features that you will never get enough of.

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