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Are Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones Good?

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Sony has always created stellar headphones ever since they debuted decades ago. To this day, many critics and everyday users alike praise their products for the sheer number of features, top-quality sounds, ergonomic access, and elegant designs. But, they have another type of headphones up their sleeves: noise-cancelling headphones. Sure, there are huge number of devices capable of silencing ambient sounds, but are Sony noise cancelling headphones good? Let us discover.

The Beauty of Sony’s Noise-Cancelling Technology 

To put it simply, yes, Sony noise cancelling headphones are good… VERY good. If you have not read our different top 5 headphone lists, we always included the Sony WH series in – not because we are biased towards Sony, but for the simple fact that the brand is highly exceptional when it comes to making ideal noise-cancelling headphones.

Even their older ones like the WH-H900N and the MDR-1000X are still relevant to this day because of how effective their noise cancelling is. Sure, the later ones have perfected the technology but the predecessors still live up to today’s standards – which is something not a substantial amount of brands can achieve.

Whether you are an audiophile or not, you got to appreciate the unpretentious performance of their noise-cancelling technology.

The Right Ratio 

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One of the most common issues of noise-cancelling headphones is how muffled the sound becomes. Sure, your headphones may have blocked out the background noises but what is the point if you can barely hear the goodness of your music? Fortunately, this is not the case of the Sony headphones. Instead, they worked hard to achieve what other brands cannot do: achieving the right ratio between noise cancellation and overall sound quality.

We never thought we would see the day that someone could do this but here we are, living in the current year where people can fly drones for recreational purposes and young adults able to marry their anime pillows. For music enthusiasts, Sony’s noise-cancelling technology is one of the best in the world.

You might be thinking we are overacting with the whole Sony feature but we cannot help but find the greatness of these headphones versus other brands.

We will break down the main areas as to why Sony’s headphones are so good.

The Features 

When you think of Sony noise-cancelling, you think of features. And for Sony, they do not shy away from these perks. In fact, they will absolutely make sure you get your money’s worth.

Especially with the WH series, you get a ton of exclusive features that make listening not only special, but make you look good while listening too. Not only is it superior in sound quality, it oozes with fashion too.

The most common features found in a Sony NC headphones are top-quality earpads, great DAC chip, and buttonless sound controls.

Earpads usually irritate your ears after hours of listening, especially for cheap ones. For Sony, it always feels like you have a pair of pillows in between your head.

The DAC sound is responsible for causing the headphones to give off clear sound quality while under noise-cancelling.

Best of all, the buttonless sound controls give a minimalist touch to the headphones. How do you adjust then? With hand gestures over the earpieces, of course. These include auto lower volume, hands-free calling, swiping to change music and tapping to pause or play.

Professional Design 

Even at such a low asking price, Sony headphones always have a very professional design. They may look similar but the WH series are the same when it comes to high-quality materials. The frames are light enough for your head to bear, the earpads are fluffy enough and the adjustments are adequate.

Overall, the design looks so professional.

Amazing Battery Life and Distance 

Another crucial aspect of a Sony NC headphones is the battery life and its distance from the host device. Fortunately, the least number of hours that the cheapest Sony NC headphones have is 20 hours. The maximum being 48 hours (without noise-cancelling).

Straying as far as 15 m while maintaining strong receptions is also achievable thanks to Sony’s strong receptions, giving you more reason to choose this over other available headphones.


Noise cancelling headphones are among one of the most expensive types of ear devices but for Sony, it is an exception. If you compare Sony’s prices versus competitors like Bose, JBL and Sennheiser, you can obviously see the difference. Sony is always the leader when it comes to high-value headphones with top-quality features.

No Other Like It 

Sony noise cancelling headphones are an exception since they bring out the best of headphones. Sure, there may be some minor issues such as textures and weight but those are forgivable. We highly recommend buying Sony headphones for the price in exchange to the consistent features they offer.

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