Bose Headphones 700 Review

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After getting pressured from a heated competition with Sony, Bose decided to one-up their rival as the answer to the WH-1000XM3. Meet the [amazon link=”B07Q9MJKBV” title=”Bose Headphones 700″ link_icon=”none” /]: a premium high-quality pair of headphones that looks like it was designed for the future. Without a doubt, it is one of the best noise cancelling headphones right now, but is it worth your money? Read more about the details below.


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Since this is Bose’s premier headphones, of course they did not shy away with the features. From the moment you receive the product, you are introduced with an elegant bag that rests within the box. This is definitely one of the best-looking packaging for headphones and the bag inside feels more like a jewelry box. The faux-leather box contains the foldable headphones and a secret pocket for the charger and cable – making it more convenient for you to bring along all the accessories in just one bag.

The headphones also rely on the Bose Connect app (available for iOS and Android). Here, you can set-up your headphones with up to 10 different noise-cancelling modes. You don’t need to adjust the sound mode for your music since the 700 adapts to the songs. For example, if you are listening to EDM, the headphones will automatically increase the bass, and when you are listening to Latino, the acoustics heightens while treble goes lower. It’s a unique feature although the adjustments can be subjective for many people.

Another great feature is the highly flexible adjustments to the earcups. Thanks to its unorthodox design, you are able to turn the earpads in full 360 degrees. Adjusting the frames is smooth and the overall feel of the headphones is very light.

And, of course, let us not forget the most prominent feature in the 700: the Assistant. However, unlike the Bose QuietComfort 35 II, the Headphones 700 lets you choose between Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa (sorry, Siri). It’s all just preference and there are barely any differences but it’s in this personalization that makes the headphones more unique and catered to your liking.


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The Bose Headphones 700 is absolutely one of the most gorgeous-looking headphones to date. It has an unusual design; one that you do not get to see everyday in headphones: instead of hooking the frames on the earcups, the edges of the frames are outside of the earcups. Due to this inverted lollipop-like design, you are able to rotate the earcups to a full 360 degrees.

Also, there are no buttons on the surface of the earpads. Much like Sony’s WH-1000XM3, the Headphones 700 utilizes on touch sensors – which happen to be more responsive than Sony’s and who doesn’t like responsive sensors, right?


The Headphones 700 does not come short when it comes to the overall feel to it. The overall weight is light for anybody to carry and most of the surfaces are soft. Not squishy, but they do have a satisfying feel, especially with the headband itself (made of silicone). The earpads themselves are soft enough to get you wearing it for hours.

The best part about the earphones is that it just feels like it floats on your ears instead of something that clamps between your head. Yet, while it does feel light, it never seems to slide off your ears easily – making it convenient to use if you are going outside.

Sound Quality 

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The quality depends on the volume. While it is good, it is not exactly as mind-blowing as its direct competitor – the WH-1000XM3 from Sony. The quality of the sound may go from muffled and soft to crisp and clear. So, how do you maintain it? All you need to do is make sure that the volume is around 5 to 10. For some reason, Bose did not bother to optimize the sound quality if the volume is at 4 and below.

However, it makes up for the odd volume adjustments through its dynamic sound mode that adapts to whatever you are listening to.

Noise Cancelling 

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If there is anything better than its sound quality, it is the noise-cancelling feature. Personally, this is one of our highly reviewed noise-cancelling features due to the app’s perk of letting you adjust how much noise-cancelling you want. If you happen to be with someone and you need partial attention to know if they are talking to you, you have the option to minimize the noise-cancelling. And if you want to immerse in solitude, max out the noise cancelling to feel the complete silence.

Battery Life 

Its battery life can last up to 30 hours; up to 48 hours if you disable noise-cancelling. A full recharge will only take you about 2 to 3 hours but 10 minutes of recharging will net you 5 hours of audio playback.


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If you need the most ideal type of headphones where noise cancelling is everything, then the Bose Headphones 700 suits you best. Its sound quality may just be good, but the extra features and superior noise-cancelling makes this a keeper.

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