Are Noise Cancelling Headphones Worth It?

There are different kinds of headphones available today: earphones, Bluetooth, studio, audiophile, wireless, wired, and noise cancelling. You might be wondering, “Are noise cancelling headphones worth it?” If you ask us, yes, they definitely are. But now you may ask yourself “why?” Let us help you answer those important questions and justify the reasons behind the worthiness of noise cancelling headphones.

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Who is It For? 

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Noise cancelling headphones are certainly for anybody who is a music enthusiast. No, you do not need to be an audiophile in order to appreciate the greatness of a noise cancelling headphones, but rather you need to know what it does.

Noise cancelling headphones are for people who want to listen to their playlists and savor the sounds of their favorite videos. Who do you appreciate music and videos more? With the help of silent backgrounds, of course. Thanks to the ability of noise cancelling headphones, you can now finally listen to whatever medium you want without the hassle of ambient noises including crowds of people, the echoes of distant construction workers and even nature herself.

It is a choice for introverted people since your focus diverts to the music you are listening to instead of your surroundings. This is also great for people who just want to relax while on a bus or train on their way home or simply stay in one room where it is just you and the sounds you love to listen to.

The Difference Between Standard Headphones and Noise Cancelling Headphones 

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There is a huge difference between the standard to the NC type. The most prominent is, of course, the amount of background noises. If you use a generic pair of headphones, you can still hear your surroundings, even if you set the volume to maximum. However, even then, the maximum volume may tear the sound quality and cause ear pollution to you due to the lackluster sound frequencies.

But with noise cancelling headphones, all you need to do is activate the noise cancel feature and before you know it, the ambient emissions around you are either minimized or gone for good.

Another contrasting aspect is the price. You can buy a decent pair of headphones for just $4 but for NC headphones, it will cost you around $80 up to $500, depending on the brand and quality. Should you even spend that much? Yes, but only if you have the extra money to do so and if you want high-quality listening sessions.

Extra Features are Always a Plus 

Another good aspect of noise cancelling headphones are extra perks. Surely you did not think that high asking price is only for the cancelling aspect, right? NC headphones always come with features including wireless capabilities, optimization, digital configuration settings, quick charging, and hands-free calling.

Not every NC headphones is one and the same; Bose has different features than Sony while Sennheiser offers a variety versus Pioneer. It can be anything, but what counts is if the features meet your preferences. Do you like ambient seclusions? Would you like a robust variety of sound modes? How about a separate app that lets you change the settings on the fly? Would you prefer a quick-charging headphones or one with a braided cable? All these add up to the worthiness of your budget.

Better Music Experience 

It really does not matter if you listen to Rap, Rock, Pop, Alternative, EDM or even meme music; what matters is that NC headphones simply make the experience much better. Sure, they are quite pricey but they last for a prolonged time.

NC headphones also make great use of diverse frequency ranges in order to achieve clear music even at the loudest or softest volume.

Just Because It’s Noise Cancelling Doesn’t Mean It’s Quality 

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Much like any product, there are some bad noise-cancelling headphones too.

“But how do I know if it is bad,” you may ask? It is simple: if the noise-cancelling feature barely does its job, then it is a no-go. What is the point of paying $200 when the quality is the same as one that only costs $30?

If you can barely hear the background noises, that is decent enough. Case in point, the WH-H900N from Sony. It may not be the best in noise-cancelling but it has enough juice to make you forget about the world outside of your own music as long as you are on the right amount of volume.

 Definitely Worth It 

It really does not matter which brand you choose. What matters is that the quality is good. Make sure you do your research before you buy NC headphones without thinking. Remember that not all of these are created equal. Some are cheaper but with more features, some are overpriced just because of the brand name. Be a smart buyer.

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