Are Bose or Sony Headphones Better?

Noise cancelling headphones are the most preferred type of casual headphones for a lot of music enthusiasts today and no other brands do it better than Bose and Sony. But, the question remains, is Bose or Sony Headphones better? Both are great in their own ways but is one simply better than the other? Let us break down the details and get to the nitty-gritty.

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Why Bose and Sony? 

There is no doubt that both Bose and Sony are among the powerhouses when it comes to high-quality headphones. Nobody else does it better than these two for the reasonable prices in exchange for juicy features and long-lasting builds.

Bose includes a great variety of noise-cancelling headphones such as the [amazon link=”B07Q9MJKBV” title=”Headphones 700″ link_icon=”none” /] and the [amazon link=”B0756CYWWD” title=”QuietComfort 35 II” link_icon=”none” /]. These are two of their highest-rated headphones thanks to the incomparable and award-winning noise-cancelling technology paired with smart features that make the headphones more than just listening to your playlists. Bose headphones may not be the cheapest but they are certainly worth the money for the features they include. Also, they are never overpriced for the sake of their own brand name. And right now, they are on top of their game.

On the other hand, you have Sony: a long-time brand that has been in the headphones scene for decades. Their recent releases, the WH series – specifically the [amazon link=”B074ZRG5MN” title=”WH-1000XM2″ link_icon=”none” /] and [amazon link=”B07GDR2LYK” title=”WH-1000XM3″ link_icon=”none” /] – are one of the most highly-praised noise cancelling headphones for quite a while and it does not look like they will go away anytime soon. If anything, they are beyond obsolete and are future-proof designs. Additionally, their prices are much cheaper versus Western brands like Beats and B&W. Now, they achieved the right formula of clear and crisp audio quality combined with stellar noise cancelling under a long lasting battery life.

Designs to Die For 

The best part of the Sony WH series and Bose noise cancelling headphones is that their flagship products are not for the meticulous audiophiles but rather for the general public who wants a high-quality pair of headphones that will let them appreciate music even more, whether indoor or outdoor.

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II (QC35 II) sports a retro Bose design that is reminiscent of their headphones from the late 90’s to the early 2000s. Meanwhile, the Headphones 700 is a great introduction for the new generation of music listeners and those who want more than just a pair of headphones.

Sony’s WH series are all about minimalist designs and elegance under a reasonable price. If you want to let your old man know the future is now, you show him the WH series and let him fiddle with the controls. Not only are they futuristic but they are highly fashionable too.


Both Bose and Sony do not shy away from spoiling you with abundant features. Each of them have their own way of presenting the headphones to you.

Bose is all about the Internet of Things and makes the headphones like a compact buddy, helping you read out text messages, search for Google results and even play music without touching a single button. The Assistant feature located in the QC35 II and the Headphones 700 are ideal when you are multitasking or if you are just too lazy to whip out your phone. Also, they can connect to two devices at once.

Sony is all about giving you the power over your own playlist. Sure, Assistant may be absent but it is all in the controls. Who needs buttons when you can just swipe the earpiece? Why the need to pull down your headphones when you can just cover one ear to lower the volume? Why even bother to know what you are saying when the built-in microphone lets you hear yourself loud and clear while under noise cancel mode?

Noise Cancelling and Battery Life 

The noise cancelling and battery life are the bread and butter for both brands. I have to say, both are exceptional in their own ways. Bose lets you customize the level of noise cancelling manually, while Sony adapts to the environment and knows exactly when it needs to minimize its own noise cancelling if you are talking to someone or if there is an important sound signal from the background. We have no words on how completely silent the noise cancelling feature is for both Bose and Sony.

As for battery life, I would say Sony does it better just for the fact that they even include quick-charging; an ability where 10 minutes of charging can already provide you with 5 hours of audio playback. Also, battery lasts longer for Sony but only slightly.

The Verdict 

Overall, to answer the question, are Bose or Sony headphones better, we’d say they are both good. Yes, it is a tie because both have their own ups and downs. To break it all down for you, the preference is all up to you. If you want pure high-tier sound quality, go with Sony. If you prefer the most ideal noise-cancelling, pick Bose.

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