Best Headphones for Mobile

There are too many good headphones to count but we will break down the top 5 for 2020. After carefully researching over 60 headphones, there is no doubt that the [amazon link=” B07GDR2LYK” title=”Sony WH-1000XM3″ link_icon=”none” /] is the best headphones for mobile. It includes an immersive sound quality, great noise cancelling and a long battery life. Know more about it by reading the article below.

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Best Headphones for Mobile: Sony WH-1000XM3

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Sure, it is hard to pronounce it but these Sony headphones are the best that you can find in the market today. With its unpretentious sound quality, superb design and futuristic ergonomics, none are like the Sony WH-1000XM3.

The Sony XM3 is, without a doubt, one of the best headphones ever made. Not too cheap yet not too expensive, this premium Sony headphones provides enough features to leave you satisfied and immersed with its performance. There are barely any flaws within the XM3 thanks to how carefully designed it is and how its controls are easyier than buttons. It includes 30 hours of battery life, 3 types of active noise cancelling modes, fast charging capabilities and the latest HD drivers to deliver a beautiful concoction of bass, treble, and overall sound quality. If you can afford it, don’t hesitate to buy it.


  • 30 hours battery life
  • multiple noise cancelling modes
  • groundbreaking sound design


  • hard to pronounce or remember
  • not so affordable
  • limited supply

Best Value Headphones for Mobile: Srhythm NC25

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Do not mind the odd brand name; the Srhythm NC25 is an affordable option if you ever want noise cancelling headphones with only the bare essentials that make listening to headphones great.

Srythm NC25 breaks the boundaries of delivering premium performance under a very affordable price. The NC25 is a pair of over-ear noise cancelling headphones that has more value than its selling price. Its sound quality has a huge amount of detail, the bass is fantastic and the noise cancelling is good for its price. Sure, it may appear basic compared to the Bose QC35 II but it has a lot to offer than just regular headphones: decent battery life, the latest Bluetooth technology and HD drivers make this the best value in our list. If you can’t pay more than 100 Euros, choose the Srythm NC25.


  • Affordable
  • Detailed sound quality
  • Good padding


  • Plastic makes it feel cheap
  • Battery life not as long as its competitors
  • Charging takes a long time

Best Premium Headphones for Mobile: Master & Dynamic MW65

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Elegance and glamour are the strongest traits of the Master & Dynamic MW65. If you prefer a good audiophile-level headphones that offer superior silence, flexible sound quality and accessiblity, this is the right choice.

M&D MW65 earned its reputation from its over sound quality and physical design. Straight out of the box, you are introduced with a graceful pair of headphones that you can tell you will be in for a treat. The sound is superb – showing off its capabilties and raising the bar for premium headphones. If you want to flaunt your gear, this is a highly fashionable pair of headphones to bring with you anywhere. And, as basic necessities as other ANC headphones, it has an app, an Assistant and easy control panels for you to fiddle with. If you have the budget, go for it.


  • Very elegant
  • Superior noise cancelling
  • Excellent sound quality


  • Very expensive
  • Needs lots of configurations initially
  • App needs more improvement

Best In-Ear Headphones for Mobile: Apple AirPods Pro

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Apple AirPods Pro are the superior version over its predecessor. All the flaws from the first AirPods have been addressed and resolved, presenting a more polished pair of wireless in-ear headphones.

Before you could say that the AirPods Pro is overrated, critics and users alike have vouched on how good this pair is. If the first Apple AirPods were a gimmick, then the Pro edition is a grand performance. The biggest change it got was in the physical design. No longer do you ever worry about the plugs popping off your ears thanks to the new silk and rubber coating. Plugging them in your ears don’t feel forced anymore, the controls converted into pressure sensors by making certain gestures on the stems and it is now splashproof – letting you use it while doing physical activities.


  • Easy to bring
  • Awesome noise-cancelling
  • Comfortable for the ears


  • Sound quality could be better
  • Controls need getting used to
  • Expensive as earphones

Best Android In-ear Headphones for Mobile: Jabra Elite 65t

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If you are an Android user and you find the Airpods Pro overpriced, we highly recommend the Jabra Elite 65t instead.

The Jabra Elite 65t is the best and cheapest alternative to the Apple AirPods Pro. Equipped with premium quality materials like high-grade rubber and Bluetooth 4.0, the Elite 65t provides a number of featured assortments. If you have never experienced wireless earphones before, then this is a good deal thanks to its long battery life of 5 hours, a handy charging pack, long Bluetooth connection, multiple ANC modes, fast multi-pairing, accessible controls and great music quality. Some may brand you as an outcast for using this instead of the Airpods Pro but in reality, that just makes you all the more special.


  • Solid noise cancelling
  • Good battery life
  • Much cheaper than Airpods


  • Slips off ears after prolonged hours
  • Charging is a bit slow
  • Controls need getting used to


There are so many best headphones for mobile out there but these are our personal top 5 greatest ones. Of course, the Sony Wh-1000XM3 is our best in the list because of the high-grade sound and physical designs for a realistic price. But if that is still too overpriced for you, we do recommend the Srhythm NC25 over ear headphones instead. If you need a premium-priced headphones that doesn’t feel like a sham, pick the Master & Dynamic MW65. And if you want to be in the status quo, go with in-ear headphones; we recommend two: the Apple AirPods Pro which has a great grip and sound quality, and the Jabra Elite 65t – a favorable Android-based earphones with great performance for a low price.

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